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Originally Posted by Maseroche View Post
It doesn't happen to all anyway. Out of the seven Porsches that I've owned, only two smoked a bit, a '02 996 targa and a '03 996 turbo. Current GT3 RS does not smoke at all.
I'll guarantee that it will after it sits for a while and then you start it up. Let it sit for a week or more and then have someone else start it up while you're standing behind it.

It's the nature of the design and the the way oils settles. The longer the car sits, the longer it takes to burn out. But there will be a small burn off.

I've owned close to a dozen variants over many, many years and all do it. The real issue is that it's not that noticeable and most owners never see it (plus it occurs primarily after sitting for a few days or weeks when the oil has really settled.) But when they notice it for the first time (when someone else starts the car and the can then see it) they get alarmed about it. It's one of the most common threads on Porsche forums, esp from new owners.