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Originally Posted by Maestro View Post
I made a post last fall on this subject of how much unwanted attention the 335i gets on the road. We are targets for anyone who has any ideal how well the 335i performs.

I had another incident last night with my family in the car. We were coming home from a soccer tournament and this guy in a brand new GTO, and I think it had a manual since the way it hopped every time it shift.

Anyway, the guy cut me off entering the freeway ramp, it was one of those really nicely curved and banked ramps entering the freeway. He takes off down the ramp, which got the best of me so I followed. Needless to say I had no problem keeping up with him down the ramp, but notice the GTO sliding out in the curve. When we exited the ramp we were doing 80 with me right on his tail.

We hit the highway, with little traffic and went a little way and I was about to make my move into the fast lane and realize someone was come up fast in the fast lane so I backed off, just as I did this, the GTO guy was too busy watching me in the his rear view mirror then realize he was about to slam into the mini copper i front of him. He locks it up and I hit the brake and slowed down way faster than him and at that point down shifted swung out and passed him before he knew it.

So a$$wipes drive all sort of cars. and what worse they drive cars without knowing how the car performs.

What are u doing trying to race with your family in the car?