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Originally Posted by CasperSYTFU View Post
hmm doesnt INPA not work with newer Bimmers for Battery Registration? Power Module won't exist.

In that case you open up Toolset 32 (under EDIABAS folder):
1. Open MSD80.prg
2. Look up steuern_batterietausch_registri. (near bottom of job list)
3. Go to Jobs menu
4. Select Run Job

(May alternatively be under MSV70 or MSV80.prg)

Also, and this is important:
THIS IS ONLY FOR REGISTERING AN OEM BATTERY FROM BMW! Alternate replacements will need additional coding to match voltage etc differences
If the aftermarket battery is the same spec (Ah rating and type, AGM or lead acid, non-AGM) as the oem battery that was programed in the car, then you can just register it using the same process for an oem battery.

If you change those specs, you need to have the car programmed. There's a few options ranging from 56Ah to 90Ah and the 2 types available for our cars are AGM and lead acid, non-AGM. AGM charging profiles are only available for 70-90Ah ratings. However, I've been running an Braille 21lb battery in my car for about 6 months with no problems. Car was programmed as a 70Ah, AGM. (Braille is 31Ah, AGM, 550CCAs vs stock 90Ah, lead acid (non-AGM), 900CCAs.)

CAs and CCAs should be kept similar to your oem battery.

After you program a battery (aftermarket), it then needs to be registered.

I don't beleive voltage can be set by the user. Only the charging programs that are available by BMW can be activated.


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