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Originally Posted by Maseroche View Post
Mine has sat for a month or more and it still doesn't smoke. The other two that did smoke make a plume of smoke that sometimes would threaten to envelop the car lol.
A "plume of smoke" that would envelope the car? But you said earlier that they only "smoked a bit."

If you had "plumes" you probably had oil burning off the heat exchangers due to leaks. I'm talking about normal burn off from mild cylinder seepage in all the boxer design motors. Not "plumes of smoke" due to leakage and to gasket problems.

The smoke that comes from sitting (in a healthy Porsche) is very subtle. That's why it often goes unnoticed in the first place. It's oil residue under the pistons due to the flat six design construction. This produces a tiny puff of smoke after sitting. It only lasts a few seconds. An owner will usually never see it or even know it's happening. Oil inside the cylinders will slowly collect at the side of each cylinder (a flat 'boxer' design.) Then it will burn off at start up. It's not the same as blow-by from worn rings and why sometimes people freak out when they first notice it, if they ever do notice it. But once they see it, then it becomes an issue in their minds and hence all the threads on forums with paranoia like somebody here just posted saying "it's sad."

A more accurate test of any real issues would be to check for significant smoke after the car is completely warmed up. And I think we all know that.

Oil usage and Porsches have always been part of P-car ownership, and especially in dry sump versions. It's just the nature of it all.