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Originally Posted by SpaceG135i View Post
All i have to say is try the Paleo diet for a month. It is 99% the reason why i have lost so much weight in the past two months It is definitely something that works as long as you do what your supposed to.

This is what i used

Its a great book with recipes that are amazing. I lost 25 pounds in 2 months, so i know if i can do it you most likely can.
I can also attest to the Paleo (cave man) diet.

I've dropped 40lbs after changing my diet and doing moderate cardio (jogging 3-4 miles every other day). I started in the last week of January. So, about 4 months. I've gone from 259lbs to 219lbs. My goal is to get to 210lbs by Sept 1st and then TRY to get to 199lbs by Jan 1st 2012.

Honestly, I feel like the diet has changed my life. It's really not a diet- it's a different way of thinking about food.
  • I eat as much as I want
  • I find I eat way less
  • I enjoy the food
  • I don't have energy spikes and crashes throughout the day
  • I'm more, err, regular. Plumbing wise. Nuff said.

The down sides:
  • It's hard to find food sometimes during quick lunch outings or late at night. I always find something though.
  • My lactose intolerance is a lot more sensitive.
  • My grocery bill has easily doubled.
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