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Originally Posted by BMW4Life2112 View Post
I think of things as being simple. If you have the money, don't want to have a car payment every month, and want to mod it/do with it what you please. Then buy the frickin' car!

If you like to drive a new car every three years, don't have $40k in the bank to spend on a car, and don't plan on keeping your car for more than a few years then lease.

Haha there are no clear cut answers to the lease vs. buy question. Every car depreciates in value, you will lose money whether you buy or lease, and you will pay out money whether you buy or lease. It cost's money to live, eat, and even sleep! Money makes the world and the tires on your bimmer go round'...
Exactly. There is also a thing called opportunity cost. If you tie up $60,000 in a depreciating asset then you don't have it available to earn money in the market etc. Your costs are fixed for 3 or 4 year lease. There are endless pros and cons to leasing/buying.