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Originally Posted by Turbolader View Post
I hear ya man (And believe me, you're not the first person to say the same thing to me ), but I respectfully disagree. I think the right way is the way that gets the weight off, and keeps it off. Before I did the 100 pound loss, I did a 40-pound loss (220 - 180) (In my late teens). For people that yo-yo like that, there is nothing that's proven to be successful. Look at subway's Jared (Now here's a guy who gets paid to stay thin and can't) and then look at all of the "biggest looser" people. Most of them get right back to where they started. Granted, if someone points a finger at me and says I have a problem, I'll whole-heartedly agree with them, however, how come (just about everyone that I can think of) can't keep the weight off? Doesn't seem logical that we all have a problem. Like I said though, I respectfully disagree. There are valid sources to both sides of the argument. I hope that people that do get surgical help try (more than once) to do it themselves before resorting to surgery.

OP - Sorry to get off topic
The biggest problem with these biggest loser contestants, is that they literally have an army of people helping them stay fit and eat properly. Then when they are off the show that support system is yanked away. I am sure the rate of success for these contestants when they are at home and only have themselves to rely on is very low.

Keeping the weight off is all mental, its just based on decisions. Personally I have lost almost 80lbs since end of Sept and it is staying off forever. The greatest fluctuation I will allow is 5lbs , and thats normally if I go on vacation. If I ever need a reason to stay the course I just pull up some old pics that show me fat and bloated, gets the job done everytime