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Originally Posted by donheller View Post
This was a great DIY. I ended up getting a decent deal from the the dealership and installed it myself. My service guy told be that it should be a swap and no programming to the car. I swapped and no issues. He did tell me what to look out for. I am lucky my Service Guy knows I am on a budget and I like to do some of the work on my own. So he is very honest with me on what needs to be done, what can wait, & what I can save money on by doing it myself.
So just to confirm: You replaced the battery but didn't perform any battery registration/reset and your battery is charging without problems despite what others have stated previously on this thread?? If so then that *is* awesome. Can you please confirm? I just replaced my battery and was really concerned about this aspect of the DIY. I am sure many more others would benefit from this as well. Thanks!