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Movie Storage Setup

Alright home theater guys, I need some help. What I would like to do is create backup copies of my blu-rays without losing too much quality and store it somewhere and be able to stream to my tv so I can watch a movie without putting in the disc everytime. Here are my questions:

1. What external blu-ray drive is recommended to do this as I only have a standard DVD/DVD-RW drive in my PC?

2. What format should I copy my blu-rays too without losing too much quality? I was planning on using my PS3 to stream thru, but I guess that won't play ISO or mkv or anything like that.

3. Since my PS3 is somewhat limited, what should I use to store the movies and what should I use to stream them to my TV's?

Not sure if I'm missing any questions. If you can think of anything else I would need to know, I would appreciate it. I have been using DVDFab to make transfer my standard DVD's to .m4v format so I can put them on my iPad. Haven't had any issues so far. Thanks for the help.