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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
Streaming server has nothing to do with how many cores a CPU has. Its the PC the plays the files needs to have a decent hardware.
Yes, serving pc (the comp with the MKV on it) should have quad core for best results as stated by the author of PS3 media server.

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A decent dual core and a cheap nvidia card will play any movie at 1080p. My 3 year old laptop will play any 1080p movie on a external 24" screen with no issues, while im converting another avi file with a 3rd party hardware.
add a large audio track to that (like the Star Wars films) and the files get bigger than 15gb using all of the available buffer strength. You will get choppyness or audio hiccups.

Just my experience with my PS3 as this is the only way I watch movies.
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Simply put, i dont want to end up on youtube because i like to deep throat a popsicle.