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Originally Posted by enron29 View Post
Awesome. It's not as expensive as I thought it might be. Now with the .mkv file, it's like if I was watching straight from the disc? I just don't want it to be pointless to do this if I'm losing quality. And isn't there something special I have to do for the surround sound to be converted? Thanks for your help.
I bought one instead of upgrading to a quad core in my PC.

The .mkv is the best you can get from a BD disk but a collins said it' not the same as the actual disk, you are viewing from a converted form, does that mean it's less than 1920X1080, no but it may do things like artifact or show cloudiness. It all depends on the quality of the rip.
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Simply put, i dont want to end up on youtube because i like to deep throat a popsicle.