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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
A media server, is no more or less then file server that stores any type files on a HDD/SSD.

The component that is connected to a Screen, is the component(PC or PS3) solely responsible for decoding video and audio.

If you use a HTPC/PC, all the decoding will be done by a video card, any Nvidia video card for $100 that supports Audio and Video decoding will take off all the stress off the CPU. Its called GPU Decoding. You will simply need a free software that supports this future.


There is nothing stated by the author in your link.
^^ Cannot seem to find the info I was looking for...

Serving PC: Windows XP, dual core, 2.5gb
PS3 connected to Samsung 55" series 8

Some files will not even start when run on my PS3 but when run from WD unit they work without problem.

Try the same video on the computer it's stored on, works without problem??
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