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Cash Lost

Hey guys, I am in kind of a dilemma, and I have no idea about who to ask help from so might as well go to e90post of all places. So, about 3-4 weeks ago, I let people into my apartment, some of whom were my friends, I was not there for a little while (Against my will), and when I got back I'm not entirely sure who was in there but I kicked everyone out. Point is, I made a point to hide all valuable property, cash, electronics, xbox, etc. Now, when I go to put all of my shit back in it's proper place, I find I am missing something, something- a bag of cash.

Thing is, this is not "normal cash." It was a bag of 2 stacks of sequential one dollar bills (about 100$ worth each) in order by serial number, never used, and a stack of 2 dollar bills, about 50, each also in sequential order. They were in a ziplock baggie, and I cant find it fucking anywhere.

It's not death if it's gone for good, this was pretty much reserve cash I had laying around given to me from one of my relatives who's on the board of a bank, but I'm obviously sad I lost it. Since then I've been much more careful about where I keep my valuable shit, who I let into my apartment and I've bought a lockbox.

My question is (For those who tldr) is there any way I can find out if a bank accepted such an unusual amount of money, and maybe even find out who it was that deposited it, even it if was such a (relatively) small amount? I would think that somebody wouldn't be spending 2s and that much one's anywhere (other than a strip club). Any ideas gents or am I completely fucked?
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