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Next time this happens, leave a loaded pistol on the foot of your bed or on your dresser in plain sight, this will deter any assholes who would otherwise assume you are a panzy with a nice ride and steal your shit. People won't steal pistols with serial numbers because all you gotta do to retrieve it is call all the local pawn shops..

NEVER trust anyone. Friends included.

EDIT: I keep a walther P99 in my glove box at all times. I once had a very bad experiance in the ghetto with my BMW. Enough said. One time my ex-gf opened it while I was driving, saw the gun, looked at me...slowly shut it and no words need be spoken. You'd be very surprised the effect it has on people. Impression is everything, even if your a scrawny kid you can intimidate people.

Banks can track serial numbers, yes. I think your local FBI office can notify banks to be on the look out of 2 dollar deposits. It's a queer number so it wouldn't be difficult for the bank teller to make a quick call to agent so&so. More likely if they were stupid enough to steal it they are stupid enough to spend it at the videogame store / liquor store (no reputable drug dealer would ever take a crisp stack of $2 bills, too afraid).

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