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Originally Posted by Marc88 View Post
Hey everyone,

I've got my heart set on buying a 2007-2008 323i in the near future.

Now my dilemma... Do I buy CPO (more expensive) or from a non-BMW dealer (less expensive). Keep in mind that I will be financing the car and I've noticed that BMW has attractive financing options.

Any suggestions?

IMHO, CPO is the way to go, unless you're a mechanic and can really examine the car yourself and know what you're looking for. It will be a bit more expensive, yes, but I think it's worth the 2 extra years mech warranty, the peace of mind to know the car's "the cream of the crop" (dealers take the best of the used ones to sell themselves), and at the very least, a dealer will stand behind a car they sell you. A used car lot certainly won't. Also, given that you're going to finance, BMW CPO 3-series rate is 0.9%, not sure you can better that elsewhere.