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Originally Posted by sf_loft View Post
One other benefit to leasing is the amount of tax you pay on the car. You are only paying tax on the amount you use (depreciation). If you finance, you are paying tax on the entire value of the car. In a state like California, 9.5% on a $50k+ car is not cheap.
Really? How does that work? I'm moving to the Bay Area later this year (or more realistically early next year as I have not sold my house).

I bought my 335is and financed through BMW at 0.9%. It's hard to see how a lease can beat that. But then I never ran the numbers. Leasing never made sense to me as I typically keep my cars a long time.

I just sold my 1997 Lexus SC300 coupe after 14 years of trouble-free driving. I don't think my Bimmer will match that.