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Originally Posted by digitaldav View Post
I am using Technic's harness to connect xd/600/6 to my High fi. My question is there is only 2 RCA female jack inputs, front and rear from the harness to the amp. I understand these would be connected to channels 1,2 front and channels 3,4 rear. I would then select 4 channel on the amp. The sub left and right output would be connected to channels 5 and 6. Does that sound right?

Does this sound right or am I making no sense...
Page 7 on the XD600/6 manual:

Set Input Mode Switch to 4 channel

Another ? I have is why does Technics harness have female rca jacks and the amp also has female jacks. Shouldn't they have male ends so can plug right into amp inputs?
All my harnesses are compatible with all balanced-inputs aftermarket amps thus male RCA extension cables are required -exactly the same as all aftermarket HU female RCA outs are configured.

Therefore the OEM HU/iDrive in the HiFi is converted virtually into an aftermarket HU with female RCA outs when the HiFi harness is plugged in.

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