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Front Differential - Change your fluid !

Just an FYI.....I've been chasing down a humming noise from my front drivers side wheel area for about 10,000 miles (heard from the inside). The noise is getting worse and is driving me crazy.

Decided to get under the car and check out a few things. Noticed that the plastic and metal pan below the front differential was quite dirty/oily. Noticed some oil around the seals on the output seal on the front diff....not a good feeling.

Opened up the fill plug on the front diff...stuck my finger in there....nothing....not a good feeling.

Opened up the drain plug on the front diff......abot 1/4 quart came out....OMG. No metal came out....sigh.

Refilled with about a quart of 75/140...heavier oil.....put everything back together after cleaning the dirty areas. Took for a ride.....noise still there.

Thinking the front diff was toast....started shopping around....only 11 front diffs are available.....and they are in Germany. None in the states. $1600 + shipping.

Started looking at used....only 2 cars in the country are available, I am told. $1300 shipped. These were wrecked cars that were parting out.

Couple of local guys think they could rebuild the differential.....nothing in stone yet.

Bottom line.....stay on top of your fluid changes underneath!!

After putting my car on a lift yesterday and driving it in the air at about 2000 rpms in 4th mechanic with his stethescope pin pointed that my passenger side front wheel bearing was pretty bad. Just an mechanic and I both thought it was the front drivers bearing.

I hope this is the problem seeing that the availability of front diffs are rare/expensive! We listend to the front differential and my mechanic said it sounded fine.

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