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I will likely add the power steering/diff fluid chg to my maintenance list. My understanding is the Shell 91 cleaning agents don't really do a huge service on our cars since we're Direct Injection (although I still exclusively use Shell 91).

I'm currently getting a little bit of throttle lag in my car (barely noticeable) but I was told after my spark plugs are replaced this will disappear. I've also been looking at the idea of adding the BMW Performance kit to the car (good for about 20whp?) and adds a stronger OEM cooling system. Not sold on the cost however (well over 2 grand).

I can also second your feelings on the 'honda tune ups'. Back in the day I used to drive a civic sedan and I do vividly recall driving it after a full tuneup/fluid change it was like the car was on race gas haha.

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You are most welcome, glad my experience was helpful!

Re: Power Steering fluid and Differential fluid, I went by how many years the car has been on the road, and replaced them as preventative maintenance. Plus what BMW states around typical duration and kms on the car. My car is a steptronic as well.

I was also thinking of the getting the injector cleaning service that Budds does for $169. Upon further investigation, my findings are that if one uses Shell 91 octane V Power with Nitrogen consistently (which I do), the nitrogen has cleaning agents that keep the fuel lines/injectors clean, so would not do much difference. Need to dig a little deeper on this. But will keep you posted.

Ironically enough (I digress a little): my wife has a '08 CR-V and I took it to Sterling Honda (best Honda Service dealership in Ontario, top notch pro's) and got all the fluids changed (brake, transmission, differential, power steering) made a huge difference in driving. Ended up getting her Michelin Latitude Tour tires as well. Amazing tires - very quiet and rated at 110K kms tread life!