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Originally Posted by DnA Diesel View Post
Unfortunately, DubVBenz, you're witnessing the vitriolic anti-diesel hatred from E90post's resident troll. Once again, he completely ignores a poster's questions about diesel cars, having failed to understand that you clearly DO understand the differences in luxury and performance and are looking for experiences of diesel drivers, preferably who have driven both a W211 and E90 diesel. He'll thrash around a bit about how the magical 528i is what you really want, being completely blind to the fact that it isn't even on your radar.

Back on topic, I have only driven a friend's '06 E320 CDI, but would love to drive a tuned version. There is no doubt that the big Merc diesel would be a very very nice car to drive. Although I am a fan of the 335d, I would be remiss if I didn't ask if you had driven the E350 Blutec? I have, and while the new W212 is still higher on the luxury scale than the E90, it didn't quite seem as nice as the W211.

In the end, I don't think you could do wrong with either a 335d or an E350 BT.

The e350 engine is the exact same as mine (different numbering scheme, same exact engine and output), but the car is slightly heavier. I'm 28 and have no kids, so having a large car isn't really a concern at this point. If I were to go through the effort to get a new car, I'd want a different experience, and the new W212 basically offers the same package.

As for the 528i guy, they might be rated similarly by the EPA, but I can return upper 30s and low 40s if I drive conservatively (my best is 44.6 at 50MPH), which I doubt the 528i can. Additionally, that sweet TQ at low RPMs makes accelerating from 20-80 pretty fun.