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Originally Posted by DubVBenz View Post
The e350 engine is the exact same as mine (different numbering scheme, same exact engine and output), but the car is slightly heavier. I'm 28 and have no kids, so having a large car isn't really a concern at this point. If I were to go through the effort to get a new car, I'd want a different experience, and the new W212 basically offers the same package.

As for the 528i guy, they might be rated similarly by the EPA, but I can return upper 30s and low 40s if I drive conservatively (my best is 44.6 at 50MPH), which I doubt the 528i can. Additionally, that sweet TQ at low RPMs makes accelerating from 20-80 pretty fun.
Based on this, the 335d may very well be exactly what you're looking for, DubVBenz.

Driven smoothly at posted highway speeds, I have seen consistent 42-44 mpg (US). My mixed average is 32-33 mpg (US), representing a 2/3s 1/3 split between highway and city driving.

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