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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
I think there is no doubt this would be the case if/when gearing ratios are the same.
But again, the auto has a 3.46 final drive ratio, the manual 3.08.
That and the super, super quick shifts of autos these days often make the autos just as fast as the manuals when driven perfectly and super fast.
But 90%+ of manual drivers can't shift fast enough to keep up with the autos these days.

Again, I could be wrong, but so far apples to apples comparisons seem to show otherwise in our cars.
SoCal335i, what was your best 60' time at German Invasion?

Either way, we are talking a matter of a tenth or so at most.
That's a blink of any eye.

It's not like just a few years ago, when autos were 1/2 second or more slower than the manuals, and 10 years ago it was closer to a second slower.
True technology today is getting better and if one day they do make autos that are always faster than manuals then i will probably get one too. I just love the feel of controlling the car. My fastest 60' that day was 2.122.