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Here is a question - have you been using the engine oil specified by BMW? The oil specifed is a low ash grade - what this means is that any blow by (engine oil getting through the rings and into the combustion chamber) will inevitably end up going through the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter. If its a normal grade and not low ash then the DOC will become coated or plugged and will not regen - the DOC changes the N02 into O2 to assist in the regen or a temperature increase - the DPF will have Delta P sensors (pressure sensors) for and aft the DOC/DPF bricks to detect any increase in back pressure and will induce an Engine ECM forced regen through a fuel dump (in cylinder hydro carbon injection) that will assist when the duty cycle (or driving patterns) never gives an optimum passive regen. If the DOC has been masked with engine oil ash the forced regen will not occur and a strip and clean will probably be necessary. A jet wash with water might do the trick.