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Originally Posted by SoCal335i View Post
True technology today is getting better and if one day they do make autos that are always faster than manuals then i will probably get one too. I just love the feel of controlling the car. My fastest 60' that day was 2.122.
It depends on the car/setup too. I used to race a lot of LS1 Z28's, and the autos with a larger torque converter were around .5ths quicker than a 6spd manual, while the autos with a stock torque converter were .1ths slower than a 6spd manual, all else being equal.

The determining factor is torque. The more you have, the less an auto (or weight) impacts you. Also people should realize that shift speed really has nothing to do with why an auto is quicker, imho. It's all about the mechnanical advantage of a torque converter.