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Looking To Leaase 335i Sedan

Hey Guys,

Looks like I am finally going to be getting a new car, and one I have wanted for so long!

I'm pretty bummed to learn the 335i Sedan no longer has the twin turbo, but at this stage in my life I'd prefer to do a three year lease rather than purchase a 2010... I think

Are there any major performance downsides to loosing the twin-turbo? I'm sure this has been discussed infinitely and I will do some searching but the only thing I intend to do to this car is the Proceede, does it provide the same results with the newer twin-scroll single turbo as it did with the twin-turbo N54 engine?

I'm going to want the M-Package, Navi, Comfort Access, and Heated Seats. I'd love Park Distance control but it is a small car, I'm sure I can park it and I rarely parallel park these days anyway. What do you guys think I could be looking at lease payment wise?

I've always been told put zero down on the lease for the car but if I could get GAP insurance would it be okay to trade-in our old Audi A4 that is probably only worth $2k to help bring down the monthly payments a tad?

What is the current residual on the 2011's? Is it better because they are about to change the model and there won't be a 2012?

Lastly, is there a 4 year lease option? I figure since the warranty and maintenance program cover 4 years, I can help spread out the initial deprecation over 4 years rather than 3... proper thinking?

Thanks in advance for the help guys!