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Originally Posted by Grant@DetailAddict View Post
Yes I do actually know how
Basically read your NFRM/FRM. Then take the NETTODAT file and make a copy to compare from.
Now change the AE wert_06 or whatever it is and change it to wert_01 and recode the car.
Now read the module again and compare this NETTODAT file to the last.
You'll find 2 bytes (values) that changed.
Then you change them:
00 10 --> [0,0V]
55 05 --> [5,95V]
DD 05 --> [6,6V]
21 06 --> [6,9V]
10 09 --> [10,2V]
F4 09 --> [11,2V]
D7 0A --> [12,2V]
49 0B --> [12,7V]
8D 0B --> [13,0V]
BB 0B --> [13,2V]
FF 0B --> [13,5V]
2C 0C --> [13,7V]
38 0E --> [16,0V]
Save this NETTODAT and recode using the NETTODAT instead of the normal MAN file.
PM me if you'd like more help.
Be VERY careful upping the voltages.
Very interesting! Thanks for sharing the detailed response. Now off to do a little comparing to see if I can figure this out.