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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
I'm going to break my coupe in hard.
I broke my sedan in "moderate"...basically drove it like the manual stated I should, but with the occasional 5-6K run and even redline a couple times.
I did a lot of mixed driving breaking in the sedan too.

But, with the coupe, I figure, I've never broke a car in hard, so I'm going to keep the revs up on that car quite a bit more for the first several hundred miles, and even do a couple triple digit (110-120 mph) freeway blasts when the time is right and wide open.
I'm also going to do some canyon runs varying the engine loads quite a bit.

So we'll see what comes of that.

Personally, even if my coupe doesnt' run quite as strong as my sedan, it won't matter. What's a couple hp between cars anyway.

I can't wait till fall when the weather gets cooler, I know we will all be doing quite a bit of meet ups by then.
It'll be fun.

I don't think the break in makes any difference. Engines break in during the first minuite or two, so special break in periods are sort of an urban myth.