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Cool Roadster Rumors: BMW Z3 (RWD) Resurrection Being Considered

Roadster Rumors: Return of BMW Z3 (RWD) Under Consideration
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This rumor will come as welcome news for those upset at last week's info that the upcoming Z2 baby roadster will be FWD. According to SCOTT26, what has happened is that the car which the Z2 was originally planned to be (a RWD roadster), is now a smaller concept than before and will be using the more compact modular UKL platform. It will now share the FWD platform with the next generation of MINI Coupe and Roadster and may be renamed the Z1.

So what about fans of a small RWD BMW roadster? With the Z2/Z1's move to the FWD UKL platform, the return of the BMW Z3 (RWD) is currently being considered (see next post). The new Z3 would come in traditional soft-top and coupe versions and would be based on the F20 1-series generation's modular platform.

But it doesn't end there for BMW's roadster lineup changes. The Z4 would be renamed the Z5 which would allow it to grow in size and for the smaller Z3 to slot in under it in the roadster lineup. The Z5 would utilize the F30 3-series generation platform.

The next few years look to be potentially exciting for fans of BMW roadster fans, as the potential lineup could look like:

BMW Z1: UKL FWD platform, soft top roadster
BMW Z3: F20 1-series generation platform, soft top and coupe versions
BMW Z5 (formerly Z4): F30 3-series generation platform, hardtop roadster