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Cool downpipes good gains, ecu and stuff

Ok here it goes guys, bare with me now
I know nothing about performance modifications.
But I am trying to get your help on what mods I should to for the best performance gains for the buck w/o harming the engine/car. (if possible I would like to keep the car's life to a nice logetivity)

I've been researching and from what I have learned I know I will be purchasing an ecu tune but was also hoping to do an exhaust or downpipes for some gain or sound. I like the idea of downpipes because I hear they give modest gains.

My question is what would you guys recommend I do. Any brands? Will it give me error codes? Anything I should know about considering my position? What do I need to do exactly? I dont know anything about catalystic converters or what catless means or any of that stuff so any input would be appreciated

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