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Doyle where are you?

The suspense is killing me. Sounds like you were at the cusp of something worth waiting to hear.

I have a 4dr. [Note how that takes the same # of characters as "E9x".]

Like the idea of adjustabilty for a couple of autocrosses and a trip to the Smokies or the Blue Ridge with the Dragon thrown in each year. Getting rid of a little bit of the excess space in the wheel wells would be a "nice to have" but I'm thinking more for the lower cg.

Sounds like the AST's could be the best option out there given what's on the market now?

Bilstein Sports and the H&R springs? Adjustability?

This thread has the most thorough discussion of options, how they work, the importance of retaining suspension quality with improved handling. Also seems to overcome the "buyer enthusiasm" that's natural for any mod that you just invested in.

Everything else works so nice on this car though except the way it floats at initial turn in and wallows in quick transitions I'm really itching to get it right [and because I'm pretty sure I'm not as fast as I think I am or was].

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