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Id love to know the efficiency range of the turbo... lets throw safe out the window. If we wanted safe we would be driving mini vans!

Id like to know how much psi it takes before the turbo is making so much heat that the WHP is heading south and at what rep ranges. We could do two calculations, one for people with stock fmic and one for people with aftermarket fmic. For argument sake, say the stock set up was about 3-5 psi lower in the manifold than the target set and that after fmic drop 1-3 psi and show me something like this.
RPM stock aftermarket fmic psi efficiency cut off
1500 - 12- 14
2000 13- 15
2500 13 - 15
3000 13 -15
3500 13.5 - 15. 5
4000 14- 16

you know something us dumb guys that like to drive fast can understand.

It would be nice if we could plug our mods into a tuning program spread sheet.
Include mods like Down Pipes, intakes, exhaust, fmic. Just plug in what you have and have it tell you where to set your max targets for max whp and even take it further and estimate how long you can expect your induction system to last at each setting.

Id hate to think that I am pushing my car past the max range hoping for whp, getting less than i would a lower range, and wearing out my car faster as well while going slower. I personally am not interested in posting a bunch of high psi logs bragging how my car can sustain 19 psi from 1500-6300 rpms when some turbo genius knows and can share with us that x is the highest psi at y rpms given mods in said list.

I know thats what I was hoping to learn in this thread and I see the data is there! Even some crunching has been done. Then a bunch of effort spent bickering over pressure drop across a fmic that readers may or may not have. If someone could crunch a dummy cart with estimates than any numbers readers don't agree on they can adjust ie. the pressure drop across the fmic & all the pipes.
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