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Originally Posted by Terry335 View Post
I don't think the break in makes any difference. Engines break in during the first minuite or two, so special break in periods are sort of an urban myth.

I kind of thought this for a long period of time too.
Some said, break it in hard, some said break it in as the manual states.

I usually followed the manual, thinking, the engineers must know best!
Furthermore, I've never seen conclusive results either way that proves one is better than the other...until German Invasion!

HotRod162's car ran so strong, I had to ask, "how did you break it in"
His response, "hard"
He said he was basically run "1/4 mile runs" with it, testing it with his G-Tech PRO the day or two after hie got the car.
He said he never really intentionally "beat" on the car, but did many hard runs with the car almost right away.

Now, again, his exceptionally strong car might have nothing to do with the fact he did that, but then again, it might.
I know Kujo broke his car in really hard too...we never ran each other stock, but with just an exhaust on his car he pulled 1 CL on me from a 10-90 mph roll. And as you all know, my sedan was a pretty strong running sedan, but nothing like HotRod162's.

So, I figure, what the heck.
I'm not going to abuse the car during break in, but I surely won't shy away from full throttle runs from time to time.
But since it's going to be 100+ degrees in the valley when I get my car, I'm going to avoid high rpm runs during the hot part of the day.
It's a lease anyway, figure it'll be a test to see if my coupe runs significantly better or worse than my sedan after that.