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I had an '04 TSX that was, hands-down absolutely the most reliable car I've ever owned. Unfortunately, Honda's decision about transmissions eliminates the TSX wagon from my consideration.
A drove a 04 TSX for five years it it was actually, hands-down, the least reliable car I've ever owned. Nothing wrong with the engine but I had issues with the center stack going out twice, 3 power window regulators failing and the AC unit dieing. All of those items were very common issues on 04s. The two audis i've owned subsequently have been problem free.

I think my biggest issue with the TSX has been the lack of technology with the engine and transmissions and the fact that the MPG weren't as good as they should have been owing to the fact the car was a bit heavy for the 2.4. They should have put the 4 cylinder turbo from the RDX into it! If they had made a turbo/AWD tsx I would have probably not moved from acura.