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Originally Posted by orionredwing View Post
My symptoms were mild. Every once in awhile, under WOT, this code would throw, causing the half engine light / limp mode to come up. For me, it only occurred occasionally under WOT like after 10-20 mins of continuous redlines (aka on the track). For more serious cases, some people have reported it triggers everytime they go WOT.

Basically, you're accelerating hard, it triggers, and you go into limp mode until you reset your car. Nothing else happens. Sometimes, it would cause misfires, and your car would shudder until you pull over and reset.
op.. awesome write up. This has me curious, because a few months ago (with procede v4 installed) I would constantly throw a specific cylinder misfire code during WOT at around top of 3rd or 4th gear (i forget) that would cause a really bad shuddering, and would be fixed by a reset.

Odd thing is ive had my procede back with v5 and it hasnt done it in a while so idk... good to keep in mind though.