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Originally Posted by bufasion View Post
Thanks ENINTY. Very clear write up.

I just did mine and have one comment:

That fitting is a quick-disconnect coupler and is actually very easy to detach:

1. Pull the wire lock to the unlocked position. The wire lock is hard to reach from above so it's easier to pry from below and push the tabs up using a small flat screw driver.

2. Pull the fitting away from the thermostat housing. Warning: the fitting can break loose suddenly.

To reinstall the fitting:

1. Check condition of the o-ring inside the fitting.

2. Push the wire lock down to the locked position.

3. Push the fitting onto thermostat housing. The wire lock should audibly snap into place.
Yeah, I know. I still think it is a PIA because it is hard to get to. I changed out my t-stat a few months ago and had to remove that hose. The clip is somewhat easy, but breaking the tension loose on the connection is a bit difficult IMO.