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hey thanks MatBach

actually when i was there signing the papers for the car.. i overheard the dudes saying "hey where's so and so ship?" then some dude replied "it's passing chula vista right now" perhaps that was your ship enroute? i dunno.. but thats what i heard. unfortuantley the dealer did not know or care to mention what ship my car was on..

yeah so i officially got the car on friday the 25th. perhaps they are taking their time with your car for prep/ i kno i waited for 3 months. perhaps, there was a rush job on getting mycar.. i dunno. just giving you excuses hy your car is late.. lol.

so far car is cool. plays mp3 (still figuring out how to burn a cd to show up "right" on the navi screen). the steering wheel does have the bump grips, has all that door lock crap that people on the forum was yapping about for a few weeks.. if anyone wants me to check a feature.. hit me up.. i dont mind..

take it easy