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Originally Posted by CH Luke View Post
Interestingly got a very similar recommendation today from a local motorsport's shop here in SE Michigan - along with a Mid-Ohio track video clip.

Here's the quote:

I replaced the stock sport suspension with AST 5100s, 448F and 784R Swift springs, HR Sways and solid bearing camber plates. I must say the ride on the street was not too much harsher than stock with the dampers turned down (P5 Front, P6 Rear) but I was really able to get they car handling dialed in at the track with the dampers set to P10F and P11R. I kept the ride height at ~the stock level as I was not interested in dropping the car much due to street comfort/clearance concerns.
In the next week or two, I will corner weight the car at stock level ride height and see if it changes the handling much. The car felt incredible and did amazing things on track for a 3500+lb vehicle with 400lbs worth of passengers. Some video of one lap of MidOhio with the new suspension can be seen here:

For your use, I would recommend starting with AST 4100s, and the same448F 784R springs. For a little more comfort, I would keep the stock hats or you could go with adjustable, solid bearing camber plates (we generally use Vorshlag plates) if you want to dial in more camber.
Unfortunately, the track was had some wet spots all weekend (and I was busy with 2 students plus others wanting rides/instruction) so I didn't get a chance to take tire temps and dial in the camber. At least in my initial assessment, the stock level of camber works great with the E90 front suspension design, so unless you are tracking/Auto-xing the car a lot, I'm not sure how much camber you would really need.
For sways, that is something else I might hold off on until you get a chance to drive the car and see how it feels before doing the upgrade. It does add more spring rate and will tighten things up some more, but more importantly they are a PITA to install,especially the rear, where you have to lower the rear subframe toinstall it. The HR bars I used are non-adjustable.
The one thing I have left that I want to do is go to the M3 stylestrut brace. It fully supports the strut tower and should make them stiffer than the stock 335i brace."

I think I'm getting closer, feel good about having a tuner so close to home that judging from the video knows how to drive.

Still want to see what Doyle comes up with...
Good to hear!

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