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Originally Posted by wchew
Wait a are saying your car plays mp3? You mean you can burn a CD and play it using the CD player in the cockpit? (not the CD changer). I thought I read it on the forum that if you have i-drive, the CD player won't play mp3 unless you have the CD changer.

yes, it plays MP3 cds in the regular cd slot in the cock pit. i do not have a changer. mp3 files plays fine. the display on the Idrive screen is kinda weird though. random "id?" tags?

my car was built in the month of OCT. i think every e90 w/nav built before Sept cant play mp3s without the changer. i'm assuming any e90 w/Idrive built in OCT will be able to play mp3s in the regular slot in the cockpit.

i havent tried to burn a DVD Mp3 cd and stick it in the Nav - DVD slot yet.. so i'm not sure if it will work or not.