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LMFAO ! Every thread that mentions oil TrackRat shows up.

Moving beyond the LL-01 zealotry, my 335i was my first ever car I have never used Royal Purple in.

I have seen the test results and RP came out at the top with "less wear" on engine internals over the recomended LL-01 oils. If you want proof google is your best friend so dont ask me for it cause I am not trying to convince anyone -(indirectly speaking to Trackrat)

The recomended Royal Purple for a 335i is as follows:
  • Purple SAE 5W30 (Part # 01530 quart bottle)
  • or SAE 10W30 (Part # 01130 quart bottle)

If you want the BEST RP for your 335i then it would be this:
  • Royal Purple XPR 5W30 (Part # 01021 quart bottle).
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