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Carrying bikes on an E92 - tips / recommendations?

Hi all

I think this is my first thread here

Just wondered if anyone had views or experience of carrying a bike on the E92. For me it would normally be one mountain bike, occasionally two.

Options so far:

1) In the boot: NO - too cumbersome, craps up the interior

2) Cheap rear hanging: NO - straps and fixings risk damaging paint etc

3) Pukka rear hanging using Tow-ball (e.g. Thule 921) - Looks cool. BUT - I'm guessing the tow bar alone is going to be expensive (and heavy - and MUST be hidden when not needed!), and that's before the 250 for the rack.

4) Roof bars and mounting kit. Cheaper than (3) - are there downsides? (stability, security etc?)

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!