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Question Non I-Drive audio/bluetooth/sat nav options

I have a 335i without i-drive and prefer the 'classic' look of the dash without fiddly i-drive - however this does mean i miss out on some of the fancy interface. I'm currently undecided whether to continue to make the most of what i've got or whether to upgrade.

Thoughts so far are that:

1) audio upgrade would be nice but stock stereo is pretty decent (for my needs) and i don't want to lose functionality just for the sake of some flashy lights that don't match the rest of the interior.

2) i can live without bluetooth but always handy. If bluetooth involves nasty stick on microphones in the cabin then i don't want to know. If they can be hidden in the central console left of the drivers head then this is attractive.

3) sat nav -always useful but often seem worse than suction cup navs that cost a fraction of the price and are portable.

Seriously considered options so far are:

A) Dynavin - i like the oem look, but don't like the fact the unit sticks out. I could forgive this if the interface was better looking, but it's not.

B) Single din alpine/pioneer or similar with pop out screen - anyone had good experience of these?

C) Single din face units - any that suit the E90 interior?

Interested in your thoughts,