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I'd give most politicians a pass on this, but not her. At first I thought she misspoke and said "warned the British" instead of "warned the Americans"...but nope- that's what she meant, and she ran with it.

She knew she was going to Boston, and knew she wanted to say patriotic historic crap, so there's really no excuse other than her not being all that bright. She can't answer a question (even softball questions) or make a statement without it be rehearsed. And then not owning up makes her look even dumber, except to her base. When Obama goofed and said "57 states", you didn't see him or his supporters saying "yeah, well....if you count Puerto Rico, Guam, the USS Nimitz and....."

It was an obvious goof from someone who obviously knows better, and we leave it at that. With Palin, she has yet to demonstrate any kind of intelligence about anything, and then she stand by her inane statements.

The wikipedia thing doesn't surprise me. Palin and her supporters are all about revisionist history anyway.