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Originally Posted by ToothDoc View Post
Dude, you have gotten so much WRONG information I don't know where to even start. You're gums won't grow back over calculus. Your calculus crept down into your gingival pockets. You're grooves are not caused by brushing too hard but by abfraction which is biting/clenching/grinding too much. Brushing too hard causes smooth surfaces and recession - imagine sanding. If you were to use sandpaper to sand something down, will it cause sharp edges or smooth edges?

Keep your dental insurance if you get it from an employer. If you have to pay for it, don't get any insurance.
Not to doubt you or anything, I'm just trying to figure things out.. all of this is incorrect information?

However, you are right about the calculus and stuff. I messed up my own explanation. It ventured down under the gum line, causing inflammation, leading to even more vigorous brushing by me, leading to more damage. Thanks for the correction. If you have any ideas as to the above, then let me know, too. Not trying to start anything negative, I'm just honestly concerned when I hear two different things for different sources. These are my teeth after all!! (Though my "grooves" were not NEARLY that bad)

But anyway my point was that anything can happen. Keep your pearly whites insured

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