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For years I've used Thule roof mounted carriers to transport Road Bikes, light-weight XC Bikes, mtb's such as a Heckler and my downhill bike, BigHit - all without problem.

Only reservation was weight and height of the DH bike on the roof, so for this used a Thule 561 fork mounted rack and a Forkup adapter. This reduces height / drag on the bigger bikes, and a makes it easier with Maxles etc.

Also, if you have a less traditional FS frame, it's sometimes difficult to get the optimum position with the swingarm, so for burlier mtb's I prefer fork mounted carriers generally.

The issue I have is that my new car has a BMW hidden towbar which swings and locks into place.

This is a great option but I'm unsure as to which is the best rack for the E91 in terms of clearing the bodywork and connection to the BMW towbar?

Apologies for slight thread hijack but wondering which towbar racks people are using for bigger / all mountain mtb's?

Any thoughts much appreciated.