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Originally Posted by ska325xi View Post
awesome all you did was lube the thing?

were you able to start your car before the fix?
Before the fix, it won't start at the first try, I had to get out of the car,
closed the door, opened the door, got in the car closed the door, Key FOB
in, wiggled the steering wheel and start and a few retries of this ritual to
The car acted funny depended where I parked, I heard a weird sound like
"thump" and the lock was escaped from some grasping force on some
occasions. I took it to the dealer, Stealer recommended to replace a new
steering column and also the steering Column Switch cluster was bad
because there was a fault in reading the steering angle.
All I did for the sticky ELV was cleaned it with Solvent especially the slots
on the steering column which the Latch was sitting on and Lubricated the
moving Nylon/Metal parts with Silicone Grease and Silicone Spray. These
components need to be maintained like all other moving parts.
For the Steering angle problem, I cleaned the IN LINE IR Camera window.
Oh Well it is another DIY..