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Originally Posted by wallstreet View Post
I'm sure US numbers will be much higher if they will bring over the rest of the smaller engines, hatch, diesels and so on.
I'm sure too. But again, look at the cars Americans are driving and you know what type of people they are, specially in the south and west where people think the only good cars are Mustang and Escalade. You can't just bring European cars to America that many rednecks don't appreciate. Plus the road conditions are different, unbiasedly to say, many of the auto reviews exaggerate on the handling of cars that lured many American buyers to believe their cars have to bite corners like a M3 or Lotus. In this country, most of the straight and relatively wider comparing to Europeans. Moreover, the diesel tech has not been embraced by Americans at all. They would say not all the gas stations have diesel, and the gas stations will be like not many diesel cars around. Like a chain. However, under current situation, I totally agree that smaller engines are more desirable, just make sure not too much power is sacrificed, learn from Audi.