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Originally Posted by cmk227 View Post
This what worry me. X1-x10, 1-10 series and Z1-Z10. It seems that they want to be everything for everybody. I know ford, chevy and chyrsler have tried this before.

Please just focus on improving the product and making it the best out there.

Higher sales number does not represent better quality.
True, but the only way for a company with such a big brand to expand and grow is to have more model lineups, look at Ferrari and Lamborghini (they are developing 4 seaters, awd GT cars, and other cars that are not their "forte" type of car)

BMW has maxed out the capabilities and functions of each model I believe, that is also a reason to expand.

Economy also forces companies to broaden their portfolio.

As long they stay RWD, less turbo vehicles (every company need efficiency but BMW should really bring back their NA heritage), similar looks in design (i.e. new F10 5 series, mix of new and E39 style cues, I love it)

Anyways, people keep buying them so yea, they will keep making them, and the numbers show it so they won't stop anytime soon.

Remember 5 years ago, people were like why make the 1 series and now we have a 1M? Progression in a company you see it in their products