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Hey everyone, just bought a used 2006 530i intake manifold so I dunno when that will be coming in. I'm driving an 06 325i w/ 6MT and 47,000mi on it. I"m pretty sure my factory warranty is up (dunno how the manifold swap will affect my CPO warranty sadly). The plan is to get my manifold swap and install a AFE intake (hopefully that deal falls through) at LTBMW. Then at some point when I have my money saved up, head over to muirhead MoterWerk in Simi Valley to do my Gintani ECU tune. My contact gavin over there told me once before that with their tune I would be gaining more than stock 330 power so we will see about that. I dunno of any dyno stations near my house but I'll be located up in Merced for a year due to school.

I dunno how far away I will do the ECU tuning from the time I install the manifold, but my question is, should the drivabiliy of the car be a concern for me when all i have done is the manifold swap? I love my car but I don't want it bogging on me when i'm cruising on the highway. And should my gas milage differ before and after the ECU tune with the manifold swap?

Thanks for your help for answering these questions!
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