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Originally Posted by 1speedbike View Post
Yeah, don't really care about the man in the car getting shot at. What I'm more surprised at is that the cops supposedly (from what I heard) emptied their ENTIRE magazines into the car. They didn't SEEM to be shooting for safety, they seemed to be shooting for vengeance, given that fact. Though This is a gray area, I admit.

The witness thing was too much though. The excuse was "it was an active crime scene and they were rounding up all bystanders and treating them as persons of interest". So... that means stomp a guys personal phone??

"Contagious fire"... That, I can almost understand actually. Details won't be posted.

But, even NYGP, or whatever that cop's username is, is right. I'm more concerned about the bystanders/witness's treatment. We don't have the full story thought, for sure.

BUT... An attorney guy I used to know used to always speculate about sometime you might be in a situation where you would contemplate shooting a cop in legally-defensible self-defense. I can understand that more and more everyday.

All kindsa screwed up stuff in that vid.....