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Originally Posted by M3Rossi View Post
Oh David, lets be honest here man. You guys all look like a bunch of nerds in your syd cruise photos. Im the same age as you and I drive an M3 and you drive a 320. We are in completely different leagues. We wouldn’t get along because of the following reasons
a)Im rich and all my friends/associates are rich

b)We wouldnt have anything in common because - refer to a

c)Out of work im usually busy with penthouse parties/girls/clubs/drugs/cruising expensive cars/yachts and everything that goes with a rich lifestyle therefore i wouldnt have time to meet you even if i wanted to

d)Im not only rich but my education background clearly indicates im way smarter then you so again our intelligence levels are completely different.

e)Im not asian and asians usually only like hanging out with Asians

So lets just keep our relationship striclty online and everyone will be happy